Goodbye my old friends, imprisoned forever in blockchain limbo, never to return

Future plans for our project include our swap app which will enable our token holders to swap from FRED (Stellar) to FREDx (ETH). We originally reserved 404M from both blockchain assets as a reserve for the swap pool. The team felt a little uneasy at the thought of 50% of the supply being held in a pool and decided to burn the tokens to reduce risk.

We will now use tokens from the project reserve allocation of approx 10M to seed the swap pool. The swap pool will be coded to ensure that once supply from one side is exhausted…

We are offering a final promotion for our community to take part in the FREDx liquidity plan before the FREDx exchange listing nest month (March).

Closing date for this promotion is 06/03/21

Buy 5000 FRED for 10XLM and get 3000 FREDx (minimum 10 XLM, maximum 1000XLM purchase)

Send your XLM to this address:- GBCAHI7VC5WKSSJT26BV2QSB43EUYNNZ2YXOMUVHBKSXB5UBLZPJ4WKO with half of your ETH address pasted into the memo TEXT field.


Please do NOT use Stellar wallets from centralised exchanges as they require a memo (DEX wallets are fine).

Suggested wallets for FRED (Stellar) include:- Solar, Lobster, Foxlet and DEX exchange wallets at…

FRED Energy (FRED) has launched an ERC-20 token (FREDx) alongside its Stellar based token in an effort to increase awareness and liquidity of its green energy related projects. This will make FRED energy a dual blockchain project, a rising trend in projects struggling to gain investment, liquidity and exposure.

FRED Energy was launched in 2018 on its own blockchain and switched to the more ECO friendly blockchain Stellar in 2019. In February 2020 it launched the marketplace where consumers can buy green energy related products using cryptocurrencies.

On the 13–12–2020 at 23:56:07 UTC we wrote our DSA-1 prototype to the Stellar blockchain using our FRED Asset Control Token (FACT).

You can view the transaction here

FACT will be used to track our manufactured products with the aim of reusing battery packs. Consumers of our products will be able to search and view information about the history of the product held on the blockchain. We are aiming to begin shipping of our JV developed products by Q4 2021.

Today marks the first crypto purchase for a physical product on our Green Energy focussed marketplace with the payment made in Stellar Lumens (XLM) the blockchain our FRED token is built on.

Our customer was very pleased with the experience, quick and easy, exactly how crypto should be!

We think this is a significant achievement and a milestone for our project.

One of the biggest issues in the mass adoption of crypto is having a physical use other than trading, meaning when you can use your crypto to purchase a physical item.

For the majority, getting crypto out of the…

We decided to do a little treasure hunt to keep our community busy by hiding the secret keys to two Stellar wallets.

Here are the public addresses;


Let’s see how long it is before they are found :)

Our token sales will be moving to a HODL’s rewards-based scheme until further notice. This is to encourage buying from our platform which provides our project with funding (for Marketing, Exchanges, Marketplace etc) and also aids in maintaining a more stable token value. Purchasers for the next sales rounds on our platform will be entitled to a bi-monthly interest rate based on the number of tokens purchased from our platform and holding that purchase amount when wallet snapshots are taken at the end of each month.

Be part of the future

That dreaded phrase you really don’t want to hear when you have worked so hard at a relationship, often used in breaking up or when someone is about to get dumped. Not that we want to break-up or dump anyone (including our tokens), we are in it for the long run, we just need to work it out together.

I have used the title “It’s not you, it’s me” in reference to the fact that there seems to be something wrong or missing in our project.

After nearly three months of fundraising, we have raised a pitiful $2400 and although…

By Wisdom Nwabundo, Content Writer | Economist | Crypto Enthusiast

The world is rapidly evolving and driving towards a more digitalized era, all thanks to technological advancement. As the human population continues to increase over time, man is tasked with the problem of how to better his immediate environment and the world at large. This drive has led to the creation of powerful machines, automobiles, drones, and much more. Permit me to say that technology is indeed the 8th wonder of this world.

Unfortunately, man’s desire to create a better life for his society is lately becoming a threat to…

A true story written by a FRED Energy community member

As a young child, I was brought up in poverty. I grew up in Tasmania, Australia, but in a low-social industrial area at an average time to live. My family come from lower-class working life “Labourers”, and we lived in government housing in a city full of poverty, destitute and crime. Growing up, I’d often wondered why the world had to be this way? The world should and could be a better place for us all, right? We could all live in a relative utopia, and there’d be no poverty…

Developing green energy projects using blockchain & promoting greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers

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