We are offering a final promotion for our community to take part in the FREDx liquidity plan before the FREDx exchange listing nest month (March).

Closing date for this promotion is 06/03/21

Buy 5000 FRED for 10XLM and get 3000 FREDx (minimum 10 XLM, maximum 1000XLM purchase)

Send your XLM to this address:- GBCAHI7VC5WKSSJT26BV2QSB43EUYNNZ2YXOMUVHBKSXB5UBLZPJ4WKO with half of your ETH address pasted into the memo TEXT field.


Please do NOT use Stellar wallets from centralised exchanges as they require a memo (DEX wallets are fine).

Suggested wallets for FRED (Stellar) include:- Solar, Lobster, Foxlet and DEX exchange wallets at stellarterm.com, stellarx.com and stellarport.io

Remember to add the trustline to FRED, normally you can add by domain which is fredenergy.org or by asset code FRED and issuer GCA73U2PZFWAXJSNVMEVPNPPJCZGETWPWZC6E4DJAIWP3ZW3BAGYZLV6

Suggested wallets for FREDx (ETH) include:- Guarda, Metamask, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, Trustwallet

Contract address for FREDx is 0xd8e2b153e94daec5fe657a49ff59bb68fa67f126

Complete this form https://forms.gle/pLh7v6nUgaqPmvcb9

You will receive the tokens to both wallets (FRED Stellar and FREDx ETH) by the 07/03/21

Terms and conditions here

FRED Energy is now a dual token project, find out why here

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