Buy FRED get FREDx

We are offering a final promotion for our community to take part in the FREDx liquidity plan before the FREDx exchange listing nest month (March).

Closing date for this promotion is 06/03/21

Buy 5000 FRED for 10XLM and get 3000 FREDx (minimum 10 XLM, maximum 1000XLM purchase)

Send your XLM to this address:- GBCAHI7VC5WKSSJT26BV2QSB43EUYNNZ2YXOMUVHBKSXB5UBLZPJ4WKO with half of your ETH address pasted into the memo TEXT field.


Please do NOT use Stellar wallets from centralised exchanges as they require a memo (DEX wallets are fine).

Suggested wallets for FRED (Stellar) include:- Solar, Lobster, Foxlet and DEX exchange wallets at, and

Remember to add the trustline to FRED, normally you can add by domain which is or by asset code FRED and issuer GCA73U2PZFWAXJSNVMEVPNPPJCZGETWPWZC6E4DJAIWP3ZW3BAGYZLV6

Suggested wallets for FREDx (ETH) include:- Guarda, Metamask, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, Trustwallet

Contract address for FREDx is 0xd8e2b153e94daec5fe657a49ff59bb68fa67f126

Complete this form

You will receive the tokens to both wallets (FRED Stellar and FREDx ETH) by the 07/03/21

Terms and conditions here

FRED Energy is now a dual token project, find out why here



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