FRED Energy — looking towards future energy requirements

The move towards electric vehicles


Great news for the environment

We are all becoming much more aware of global warming and climate change as we witness first hand our seasons changing and becoming more unpredictable. But it is not just about climate change and CO2 emissions, air pollution contributes to 4.2 million deaths per year. The media is increasingly focussing on environmental issues and gradually planting the subconscious need for greener transport and sustainable living.

So, what’s the problem?

Our solution

The theory is to break the fuel poverty cycle by encouraging consumers where possible to reduce their energy costs by generating their own electricity and become more energy efficient, this in turn will help to stabilise costs, providing more affordable energy and energy security for all.


FRED Energy has custom assets on the Stellar (FRED), Ethereum (FREDx) and BSC (bFREDx) blockchains that will be utilised in our future platforms and to provide funding towards meeting our project goals which are;

Why the name FRED?

FRED is our acronym for Funding Research into Energy Devices, which deserves an article of its own, stay tuned.



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